Minor in Game Development and Simulation at THUAS
Project manager - Organise 2 game expositions
Game Design - User research, playtesting, UI Design, GDD
Concept art - Art for characters, environments and achievements​​​​​​​
Figma - Unity - Procreate - Illustrator - Photoshop

We worked in a team of 7 members with each their own specialties for final decision making. 
After deciding to set out on a journey to avenge his family, Athiya sees the fury of Lago. She decides to bestow a magic sword and shield upon him. In order to defeat Vathos, he must first travel several islands to slay his minions. This way he can get strong enough to fight Vathos and save the other inhabitants from the apathetic ways of the gods.
UI Design
As with the theme of the game, the UI draws its inspiration from Greek mythology. The goal is to create a pattern of recurring shapes. The diamond shape the signifies goddess Athiya (Athena) was used for this, as well as preferring sharp angles. 
Priori Sans was chosen for its flattened letters and the letter 'd' reminiscing of a diamond. 
With the diamond-shape in mind, visual research was done to create a new meander. The shape was also used to repeat the bunny ears, as seen in the logo. 
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